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services & capabilities of the company


Brokerage and Investment in fields of industry, mining, manufacturing, services, information technology, constructing, consulting affairs,... a

Investment and attraction of partnership for establishment of profitable economic projects using the potentials of government and private sectors

Financing through new methods such as participation bonds, Sukuk bonds, finance, land and building funds

Partnership with real and legal persons, getting facilities from banks, financial and credit institutions and financing companies within the framework of existing law and regulations

Partnership and investment through financing and giving technical and engineering services in project on the following themes

a) construction of residential colonies and recreation, cultural and tourism centers

b) renovation and improvement of timeworn urban textures

c) establishment of manufacturing, service and industrial companies

Consultancy and brokerage

Consultancy services is composed of three phases, preliminary studies, economic studies and monitoring the implementation of projects

Consulting Engineering services in the fields of architecture, urbanism, industry, tourism, worn out textures

Presenting technical and economic justification projects and providing brokerage and advisory services for approval of plans and obtaining the required permits

Performing research projects and arranging passive defense, safety and risk reduction

Investment consultancy, providing consultancy for admissions in stock market, providing consultancy for offering and processing financial information for companies

Providing consultancy and cooperation with government and private institutions for holding international conferences on investment in construction, building, urbanization

Providing consultancy and brokerage services for companies to be admitted in stock market

Providing consultancy and brokerage services for turning private limited (PVT) companies to Limited Liability Partnership (LLP))) companies and inclusive cooperatives

Providing consultancy and brokerage services for establishment of different kinds of financial corporations and research and service institutions

Consultation, designing and creating structures for activists in housing sector through land and building funds and project fund

Providing consultancy and brokerage services for underwriting and buying and selling shares and accomplishment of transactions related to stock and all other domestic of foreign securities

Examining the concerned industrial, mining and service plans to get  facilities for optimal allocation of resources and surveillance over implementation of plans

Building and urbanization

Managing and creating urbanization and architectural plans and denotative maps, preparation and other executive measures

Constructing commercial and executive buildings and towers according to the existing rules and regulations

Facilitating the building construction in old and worn out textures and in unofficial and ineffective urban settlements

Acquisition of properties needed by municipalities, located in construction projects, and all other related issues

Management and monitoring and taking actions in organizing a variety of partnerships including public participation of owners, residents and investors that are involved in renovation and improvement plans for timeworn textures

Performing the contracting affairs and implementing housing, road and construction projects, development of colonies, preparation of land, services and installations, management of designing, creating and implementing projects in the fields of construction, urbanization, etc

Providing marketing services and sales engineering of building projects

Financial engineering of projects, feasibility study and preparing investment packages

Management of organizing and efficient use of margins and beds of permanent and seasonal rivers

Industrial and commercial

General commerce

Product marketing and technical engineering services in local, reginal and international markets

Conclusion of participation contracts for providing raw materials needed by manufacturing companies

Setting up new business in the fields of industry and commerce

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