Neyshabur tourist attractions

1395-02-06 14:07:11

kkayyam Tomb

The wise Abolfath Omar, the son of Ebrahim Khayyam , is a Iranian philosopher, mathe matician, astronomer and peet which was born in 439 Hegira in Neyshabur and is Known as Khayyam

Attar Tomb

Attar is one of the poets and known wise of Iran in Seventh Hegira Century

Yaghma Tomb

Heydar Yaghma is one of the contemporary poets of Neyshabur

Khayyam Planetarium

It is one of the largest science projects in Iran,. This building is one of the tourism attractions of Iran

Kamalalmolk Tomp

He is one of the most famous artists in Iran history

Fazlebn Shazan Tomb

It is one of the national signs of Iran

Wooden Mosgue

It is completely made by wood and is filled with trees 

Shadyakh town

It was one of the districts of ancient Neyshabur city which the earth a vake ruined it

Baghrud dam

Baghrud dam is near to the Binalood heights into the Baghrud camp area which is used as fish farm and a place for boating

Ghadamgah Garden

It is a beautiful garden with a holy spring

Amin Eslami Building

Amin Eslami Building is one of the national sigus of Iran

Buzhan nature

It is a village which is located in southern heights of Binalood mountain. This village is cold in winter and moderate in summers

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