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Investment Advice

Published: 1399-08-06 12:47:24 ·

One of the most important activities for creating and developing investment projects in Iran is financing projects ...

One of the most important activities for creating and developing investment projects in Iran is financing projects. Instability in laws and procedures and lack of transparency have made many projects difficult to finance. Unfortunately, many investors do not succeed in obtaining facilities while consuming all the resources at their disposal, and they practically become semi-finished projects. For this purpose, investors are advised to take the financing process seriously in the initial stages of planning a project and complete their information in this regard, because sometimes even spending on a project does not create an advantage in financing or even the possibility of using it. Eliminates optimal and maximum banking facilities. The rules of the banking system have specific definitions and frameworks for banking participation, and if the investor spends according to the rules and frameworks, he can make the best use of his limited resources.

Sadra Khorasan, while having prominent consultants and mastering the executive principles of financing structures in the Iranian capital market in the form of part of investment consulting services, provides financial consulting services, the services of which are described below.

- Development and revision of financial models of explanatory reports

- Review and evaluation of different financing methods

- Consulting on project financing

- Consulting for obtaining banking facilities from domestic and foreign banks

- Presenting new investment ideas

- Consulting and cooperation in drafting partnership agreements with domestic and foreign investors

- Assessing and evaluating risks related to project implementation and financing and proposing methods for managing and reducing risks 

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