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Development of technical-economic justification plan Or feasibility plan

Published: 1399-08-06 12:47:15 ·

Before any capital Laying, project implementation or any other economic activity, conducting studies of the justification plan (possibility Measurement) orFS required

A feasibility study is usually provided to banks and investors to finance investment projects to convince the investor or the bank based on the schedule and resources required, as well as by reviewing earnings and return on investment. The profitability project participates. The feasibility of each investment plan is examined in three sections: market studies, technical studies and financial studies.

The reasons for carrying out the feasibility study

has repeatedly here for obvious reasons and rationale for feasibility studies have raised. Some of the other reasons why this is necessary are:

  •     Focus on the project and give an overview of the options.
  •     Limit business options.
  •     Identify new investment opportunities during the review process.
  •     Identify reasons for not implementing the plan.
  •     Gather sufficient and reliable information to make a decision.
  •     Provide evidence that business activity studies have been conducted in that direction.
  •     Helps to secure the financial support we receive from lenders and other sources of funding.
  •     Help attract stocks.

Feasibility studies are a very critical step in the business estimation process. If this step is taken correctly, you may have made the best possible investment.

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