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Technical analysis in the justification plan

Published: 1399/08/08 12:18:21 ·

In the technical analysis phase (Technical Analysis) The justification answer to the question of whether the project is technically feasible.

In the Technical Analysis stage,  the justification  answers the question "Is the project technically feasible?". If the answer to this question is yes, the optimal technical approaches for product production will be identified and related costs such as fixed investment, production costs and start-up costs will be estimated.


There are several steps involved in determining a technical feasibility study, including:

1. Are there different approaches to product production?

2. Review the technological approaches The
3. Examining the compatibility of the side effects of each method with national issues
4. Examining the Costs of Approaches
6. Check the accuracy of estimates of fixed investment, production costs and costs, and costs Setting up 

7. Performing technical analysis
8. Estimating the amount of inventory required The inventory
9. Production Schedule Production
10. Production process details
11. Selection of equipment and tools
12. Selection of equipment and methods of transportation
13. Estimating the required manpower The
14. Determining the location of the project
15. Designing the production organization and determining the arrangement of production and non-production equipment
16. Estimation of costs due to technical analysis


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