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Utopia of Neishabour

Published: 1399-08-06 13:19:52 ·

The most important social and cultural achievements of this conference are:

1. The point of creating a historical transformation for Neishabour in order to be present at the beginning of the path of development

2. Preparation of Neishabour problem book by prominent experts and professors of economics with introduction and editing by Dr. Renani

3. Gathering elites, experts, investors, craftsmen, engineers, academics, doctors, guilds and financial institutions and officials from different political spectrums of the city in order to attract investment.

4. Creating a suitable platform for the comprehensive development of Neishabour from various cultural-economic-tourism aspects

5. Creating a database of investors and elites of Neishabour for the first time

6. News, media and environmental advertisements and placing Neishabour in the media headlines

7. Creating reputation for the city in Khorasan Razavi province and even the country

8. Conformity of officials in the development of Neishabour and the beginning of the anthem of Neishabour development

9. Changes in the way of holding conferences and raising the level of investment gatherings

The gathering of all investors and special guests from all over the country who are concerned about the development and progress and excellence of Neishabour has also been one of the greatest achievements of this conference. The utopia of Neishabour, by creating a new space for the development of Neishabour, has created a double incentive for all economic, administrative and cultural sectors of Neishabour to declare their support for investment together.


Memorandums of Understanding concluded with the esteemed representative of Khorasan Steel Complex:

1- Khorasan Steel Welfare Tourism Complex located in Ghods town with an area of ​​about 3 hectares

2- Beautification and landscaping of Dolatabad Square in the western entrance area of ​​Neishabour from Sabzevar

3- Creating a park and green space located in the vicinity of Khorasan Steel Employees Housing Cooperative

4- Creating a scientific-applied exhibition in the lands of Soomeh road

5- Establishing a permanent exhibition of outsourcing and administrative-commercial complexes of Khorasan Steel in Amoozgar Boulevard, Farhangian town

6- Construction of steel complex No. 3 in the framework of incentive support package


Memorandums of Understanding concluded with the esteemed representative of Askaria Financial and Credit Institution:


1- Tourism-recreational and residential complex of Mathematics Park

2. IT commercial complex

3- Campus Commercial-Recreational Complex

Memorandum of Understanding with Pars Kalay Kish Company regarding the launch of a major tourism, scientific, cultural, recreational, commercial and residential project in the vicinity of Khayyam International Village and Memorandum of Understanding with the esteemed representative of the Investment Group of Nations regarding:

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